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Meet Dave Nissley



Meet Dave Nissley, a lifelong resident of Lancaster County and the southern end. Dave was born in Gap, PA and was raised with his six siblings in Paradise, PA. He grew up in the Amish Mennonite church and attended a Christian school and highschool. Although the Nissley family did not grow up with much money, they did not realize they were poor. While there may not have been enough of money there was never a shortage of love, family, and values. Dave's parents gave him the opportunities that every parent dreams of giving their children: life without fear, freedom to dream and imagine, teaching and foundations on God’s word, quality education, and meaningful work. His parents believed deeply that our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are gifts from God to be appreciated.


Dave’s father, David Nissley, was an avid reader with a photographic memory and very inquisitive mind. David always tackled new technology and challenges with a desire to learn and gain knowledge. This taught Dave that new things are a good thing; they are an area where we can learn and improve. The godly foundation in the Nissley home kept them grounded to principles that were tested and true. Principles that do not shift in spite of new circumstances or systems. 


Dave's mother was a diligent, task-oriented individual. She taught Dave that the best way to get a job finished was to get started. She believed that if there is something to do, we should do it with all of our might and “as unto the Lord.”


Dave married his wife, Lillian (Beiler) Nissley, in 1992. Together they have four adult children: Brittany, Megan, Brooke and Josiah. They have also been blessed with three grandsons and one granddaughter. Lil is a stay-at-home mother who has continuously blessed her community with her culinary and sewing skills, willingness to serve, and open door policy. Currently Lil graciously gives her time babysitting the four grandchildren, assisting her mother who lives next door, and serving at their church.

The values of his parents and childhood community built the foundation of Dave and Lil’s 31 years of marriage and business. Dave and Lil have owned and operated Vintage Landscaping since 1992. They have also owned and operated hospitality businesses in Lancaster County through vacation rentals and a campground for over 15 years.

Dave Nissley with his family, including his wife, children, and grandchildren.


Dave and Lil are active members at Chestnut Church founded in Gap, PA. Dave and Lil were charter members in 2001 and pastored at Chestnut for the first five years. Currently they are serving as Deacons. They believe strongly that the church is God's institution of healing and moral stability for the family and surrounding community. Dave believes that God's Word and the founding documents of our national and state governments protect the freedom of churches and families from interference by the state. The spheres of Church, State, and family interact with and influence each other in a just society, however, they have separate and distinct roles and functions. Dave’s recent decision to enter PA politics has been greatly influenced by the unapologetic mingling of church, state, and family throughout the COVID pandemic. He feels convicted as a citizen to take personal responsibility and asks fellow Pennsylvanians to do the same.


Dave has served his local community and businesses through clear and direct leadership over the past 30 years. He is now asking you to support him as he works to take this same servant-based leadership to Harrisburg for the 100th district. Dave has remained faithful to the guiding principles he was taught as a child in Sunday school and through his parents. He is the first to admit that he has made mistakes throughout his years in leadership. Though with everything in life, Dave has continued to align himself with God’s word and be refined. Scripture and our nation’s founding documents provide us with core values and principles by which to live and serve. Many times in our rich American history, ordinary men and women have stood out as remarkable leaders through their humility, tenacity, and dedication to these core values. Values include integrity, separation of church and state, protection for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Time and again patriots have found themselves in circumstances they believed to be dire against freedom and culture. Many believe we are again at such a pivotal time in our Nation’s history. Dave is stepping forth in hope and confidence that if we apply the simple truths of the Constitution, then the path forward will become straight and clear.


Why I'm Here

I have been blessed by God in family, faith, and business. In December 2022, I heard Eric Metaxes speak in Valley Forge, PA. He challenged us to personally evaluate how we could give to others with what God has given us as individuals and as Americans. This was the beginning of the conversation that has led Lil and I to this large task of helping reform Harrisburg by serving you.

I am committed to offering my own sweat, hard work, and financial means to this campaign. We will work tirelessly with you to keep this great Republic that we have inherited.

Please join me and my large, local base of supporters on my journey to Harrisburg. I am committed to serving you as a Citizen Legislator and representing our values from the 100th district of Pennsylvania. 

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