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Cutler's Lies

Bryan Cutler has been deliberately mis-representing Dave's background and positions in an attempt to smear his campaign, and keep him out of office.

Let's take a look at a few of them below, and you can make up your own mind.

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Cutler Smear No. 1:

2nd Amendment

Here are the facts. Dave is endorsed by the Gun Owners of America and a longtime member of the NRA.  Unfortunately, because of a clerical error when filling out the NRA survey, Dave wasn't given their highest rating. When he tried to correct it, they wouldn't adjust their rating despite him correcting the errors.  Rest assured, Dave is a 100% supporter of the 2nd amendment. That's why principled, grassroots 2nd amendment groups endorsed him and gave him their highest rating.

Cutler Smear No. 2:

Dave's Planning Commission Service

The Cutler campaign has made it seem as though Dave has been missing the meetings of an elected position. 
The fact is, Dave Nissley was never elected or hired to the planning commission. It is a volunteer position that Dave willingly serves on and has attended the meetings as he was needed. 

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Cutler Smear No. 3:

Profiting Off of DEI

Dave Nissley DOES NOT own a business that promotes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion woke ideology. Dave and his brother own Lancaster/New Holland KOA campground and it is 100% independently owned and operated. They get absolutely no direction from KOA Corporate on day to day operations and certainly not on DEI. Dave is 100% against all DEI and woke ideology and it is despicable that Bryan Cutler is smearing us in this way.

Cutler Smear No. 4:

Dave's Voting Record & Political History

Bryan Cutler is spreading lies to make it look like Dave is an elected official. He is using language meant to confuse the voter and lead them to conclude Nissley had a larger role in political votes than is true.

The truth is:
- Dave has never held political office and this is his first run for public office. He is not a career politician or insider. 
- Dave has voted in each of the past 7 local & national elections. 
- Dave voted for President Trump in 2020 and 2016 and against Tom Wolf in 2014. 

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Cutler Smear No. 5:

Democrat “dark money groups” Funding

100% lie. Dave has more Lancaster County donors than Cutler by a mile and is supported by grassroots conservative groups tired of career politicians.  In fact, the only person taking money from Democrat special interest groups is Bryan Cutler. Cutler received 92% of his money from OUTSIDE LANCASTER and tens of thousands from Democrat Unions, Big Pharma and groups working to keep Joe Biden in office. 

Cutler Smear No. 6:

Lancaster Residency

Dave was born and resided in Lancaster County for his entire life. He considers himself to be a lifelong resident. In 2008 Dave and Lil took their family to Oregon for a year-long (15 months to be exact) sabbatical from business and pastoring. Dave operated his business remotely during this time.

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Learn More

Check out our blog, Dave's Thoughts, to learn even more about these issues.

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