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Learn where Dave stands, and how he will represent you, the 100th legislative district, in Harrisburg.

Image by Katherine McAdoo

Representative Government with Citizen Legislators

The primary responsibility of our state government, through the courts and law enforcement, is to protect its citizens from the evil doer and to properly prosecute. It is also responsible as the administrative state to put into effective practice the laws that are constitutionally passed by the legislative branch. Pennsylvania is divided into 203 districts and each district is allowed a citizen legislator in the House of Representatives. In a proper representative republic your representative would “stand in the gap” to defend  your liberties.

From Dave

"I am pledging to the 100th district that if you elect me as your Citizen Legislator, I will be your civil servant. I will be your voice in Harrisburg; doing everything possible to keep the State in its rightful place and to allow you to keep your God-given life, liberty, and property. I will stand in the gap for you by opposing unjust mandates from the state and federal government.  We need to return this Commonwealth to the core values and ideals written in our Constitution. We will be better, more satisfied people if we make progress towards this goal."


School Choice

Every good-willed parent is the best person to decide the best interests of their child. God has given children to parents as a blessing to be nurtured, taught, and trained to be adults fit to do good works and to honor Him. There will never be a government or education committee that is better suited to make these choices for children than the child's own parents or guardians. Currently the government mandated school system is overstepping its proper role. Our children are feeling the results of this failed system,  sometimes  leaving the students deficient in both school subjects and “real world job” readiness.

From Dave

"I will work without fail to continue to find new and creative ways to give parents freedom in education  and to divert money from mandatory schools to the school of choice. The state and federal government should not have the responsibilities of nurturing and teaching our children. I will help parents find creative ways to take this responsibility back from the government."

Baby Toes


Life is a God-given gift, and we should never be advocating or allowing innocent life to be taken. This is especially true of the children, the defenseless, and the unborn.  Micah 6:8 says, “He has shown you, O mortal man , what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.


Property Tax

Pennsylvania has an outdated system for funding education. Property tax should be eliminated . This has been debated countless times by many good legislators, and each time it was political and outside forces, such as teachers unions, that have prevented the reform

From Dave

"I will be another voice of reason in this long and necessary struggle to eliminate property tax. Taxation is a moral issue and the citizens of this state are being unfairly taxed. Property tax is one of the most egregious errors of the current tax code. We would do well to remember that God, not the government, is the source of good gifts and our personal, unalienable rights. The government, however, has devised schemes to take these things from its citizens through taxation.  Our seniors, families, business owners, farmers, and all property owners  have unfairly carried this burden long enough.”

Judge's Table

Burdensome Regulation

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is second only to California in its wasteful and expensive state legislature. We are spending recklessly and, worse, we have an over-burdensome system of regulations, costs, and taxes directed to the small business owners and farmers. This is the single issue that most of us deal with on a daily basis. This costs us in production as well as in overall intuition and good will.

From Dave

"As a Citizen Representative in Harrisburg I will work in every way I find to do small things and possibly even big things to free your business, farm, or family from these unnecessary and often redundant regulations, codes, and laws.  We need to stop the government from its constant regulatory actions. The civil government needs to be limited and kept in check."

Election Day

Election Integrity

Every American I have spoken to about election integrity is 100% agreed that we ought to count every LEGAL Vote. Many of us have lost some trust in our election system over the past decade. It is very necessary that we have simple, enforceable agreements and laws about our voting. We should implement common sense voter ID, same-day voting, absentee mail-in ballots as needed, and a basic audit and verification system. This would be easy to implement and it's time we take action to bring faith back to our election system. Faith in the electorate system is fundamental to a working democracy.

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