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Updated: Apr 4

"I believe the Constitution is written to protect our God-given rights from the “state” and in this context, the 2nd Amendment was clearly written to reinforce our rights and responsibilities to defend ourselves and each other’s Life, Liberty, and Property. As a legislator, I will never betray our God-given rights or the Constitution." -Dave Nissley

In case you missed it, Dave is endorsed by the Gun Owners of America. Below is a link to a great article listing why GOA endorses Dave over Bryan Cutler. 

"Dave won't be a squish when it comes to your second amendment rights. Dave gave GOA a 100% pro-gun candidate survey. He's passionate about being a Second Amendment champion, unlike Bryan Cutler." - Dr. Val Finnell

Pennsylvania Firearms Association has given Dave a rating of AQ. This is the highest rating achievable for non-incumbent candidates!

"Dave Nissley answered his survey questions 100% in favor of our members and gun owners' rights, and gun owners can vote with CONFIDENCE that, if elected, Dave will be an absolute fighter for the gun owners of House District 100!"

Thank-you PAFA

Dave is also proud to be recommended by Firearms Owners Against Crime.

"Based on an in-depth examination of your background we believe you will proactively support your 'oath to office' to support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth and that you will discharge the duties of your office with fidelity." -Herb Ohliger, President FOAC

Dave is also longtime member of the NRA.  Unfortunately, because of a clerical error when filling out the NRA survey, Dave wasn't given their highest rating. When he tried to correct it, they wouldn't adjust their rating despite him correcting the errors.  Rest assured though, Dave will be a 100% supporter of the 2nd amendment and that's why other principled, grassroots 2nd amendment groups endorsed him and gave him their highest rating. 

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Thank you Dave for standing up for your community and what is right!!

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