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Providence - America's Heritage

Updated: Mar 29

“In the Days of Old”

One of our American Founding Fathers, George Washington, believed that “the miraculous care of Providence,” had protected him “beyond all human expectation.” 

After his miraculous survival from a terrible battle in July of 1755, during the French and Indian War, Washington describes in a letter to his brother the works that God had done:


“As I have heard since my arrival at this place, a circumstantial account of my death and dying speech, I take this early opportunity of contradicting the first and of assuring you that I have not as yet composed the latter. But by the all-powerful dispensations of Providence I have been protected beyond all human probability or expectation; for I had four bullets through my coat and two horses shot under me yet escaped unhurt, although death was leveling my companions on every side of me!”

Many believe it is the French and Indian War, and the events which followed, that started Americans on the road to independence.  The complete account is a great read.  However, in order to keep this newsletter from becoming lengthy, I will give you only a teaser and move on to some encouragement for today. 

We have a vast amount of historical data from our “fathers” declaring that God's providence, mercy, and loving justice were poured out upon our nation.  It is in the light of this history that we should be looking forward and trusting God for the future.  During times of social unrest and distrust in the institutions of man, we can be reassured by studying the days of old. Within America’s providential history, you shall find proof of protection, courage, and perseverance.

It was 21 years later, when Washington was desperately leading the last remnants of the American army that he decided to make a daring, desperate crossing of the Delaware to attack the British on Christmas morning. The password for the surprise attack was “Victory or Death.” 

Stories from our fathers stir in all Americans, not only pride in our American history, but reverence for the God of History who still displays, as Washington said, “miraculous care of Providence.”

Let's be educators, equipping people of all ages with the knowledge of our history.  Be the person in your family who gives God the credit for His providence in your life; both in your present life and your American heritage.  Dig deep into the truth, read the accounts again and again.  Search out the facts about our “fathers.”  Be honest about America, her successes and her failures.  In this, we shall see the providence and mercy of God. 

Perhaps this is the time in America when fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, will once again stand up, link arms, and trust God to lead their families.  In the process of trusting God, you will once again begin to influence our institutions. It is the powerful influence of ordinary people that will make institutions trustworthy once more. 

I am grateful to live in America where we have the privilege to study and learn from our history.

Dave Nissley 

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