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Believe me yet?

Have you received a letter that appears to be from your township or borough this week encouraging you to place your vote for the incumbent on Tuesday April 23? While it's understandable that an involved member of the community would have an opinion on who is the best candidate and would want to share that opinion, don't be fooled into thinking that this is an innocent, neighborly note. That return label- it's the Republican Committee of Lancaster County. That paper, envelope, and postage- it's paid for by Bryan Cutler. The contents of the letter- it's a form, slightly adapted and mailed to townships all throughout the district!

This is not a personal request to vote for a particular candidate, this is bought and paid for advertising designed to fool the voter!

If you've been skeptical about my claim that our local Republican party is being managed by top-down, bullying, manipulative leadership let this letter (and the nasty mailers, or copious amounts of money spent) be what opens your eyes. We must restore our government to being of the people! This starts at the local level and is how we will effect change in Harrisburg and nation-wide. Let's let the RCLC and RPofPA know on April 23rd that we will not be tricked, bullied, or scammed into doing their will. We are intelligent, free thinking, principled voters ready to see our government restored to it's founding principles.

I will be a new, conservative voice for the 100th and Lancaster county, who WILL NOT be bullied!

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In Dec 2020 I pled the throne of God that He would raise up a man to run against our current rep and God answered far above, beyond , greater than I ever imagined. What a joy and privilege to know this man, his wife and family. Refreshing, humble servant leaders.


We believe you Dave. We see both sides. We see the lies and desperation that Cutler is sending out. Whatever the outcome, you have challenged our local government and people, to look deeper into the injustices and lies that have been spread out tainting your name, and excellent reputation. The Lord has incredible rewards for you, and your hard work, standing on the values that our Christian nation was founded upon, most importantly, the Truth you have stood upon. We are with you Dave. 🤝🏾

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