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Double Down Dave

As we begin the last week of the campaign, the distinctions in this race have become clear.  I am campaigning for us, the people in the 100th district, in sharp contrast to Cutler who is campaigning for the establishment ruling class in Harrisburg.  

This battle is a micro picture of the battle going on across America as average citizens are trying to regain control of the Republican party. We realize that if we are to have a voice in this representative republic, our legislators need to have a voice as well. This battle is an argument for the virtue of pluralism. As Americans, we fundamentally understand that when a human institution such as the Republican Party in our state is being operated and protected by a small group of entrenched leaders and lobbyists, we need to restore this institution. To restore it to the principles of Liberty and the Constitution.

The Party has been protecting Representative Cutler through its state arm, the RPofPA, and through the Republican Committee of Lancaster County. They have both been spending large sums of money on Cutler’s behalf to smear and slander my character. This is a typical strategy for desperate organizations that are on the verge of being exposed and having their power threatened. When they slander me, they are by association slandering all of us, as we are working together to restore the party.

Our family has been humored by watching them add words that begin with the letter D to the front of my name. So I thought I'd add two more.

Here is how I will DOUBLE DOWN:

  • I have personally put a new contribution into the bank, doubling my previous deposit.

  • I will go out and double down on door knocking.

  • I will double down as I defend you and your honor, by not only working hard but strapping a sword to my side.

“Let us contemplate our forefathers and posterity and resolve to maintain the rights bequeathed to us by the former for the sake of the latter.”   Samuel Adams

So, this week, I am asking you to join me in in two crucial areas:

  1. Praying for our country — that God would have mercy on us.

  2. Speaking to your fellow citizens, here in the 100th district, asking them to remember these principles of Liberty; given to us by God and our fathers.

As Nehemiah said, while they were restoring the walls, “Fight for your brothers, your sons and daughters, your wives and your homes.

-Dave Nissley, for the 100th!

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