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Dave's Voting Record

Establishment politician Bryan Cutler is spreading lies to make it look like Dave is an elected official because he was unable to participate in every election over the past 20 years. He is using language meant to confuse the voter and lead them to conclude Nissley had a larger role in political votes than is true. 

The truth is:

  1. Dave has never held political office and this is his first run for public office. He is not a career politician or insider. 

  2. Dave has voted in each of the past 7 local & national elections. 

  3. Dave voted for President Trump in 2020 and 2016 and against Tom Wolf in 2014. 

Again, Dave has never held political office or had the ability to vote on issues above the rights given to all citizens of the Commonwealth.

We are blessed to be part of a republic form of government, but this comes with a great responsibility to the voter. The first way to trust what a mailer, or website, or ad claims is to check the given sources. Are their statements vague or intentionally misleading? Are they adding subjective adjectives in front of names? You can also speak directly with a candidate and judge for yourself their words, character, and history. Compare what they say about themselves to what their record shows. Lastly, when it comes to an incumbent politician we can look at their record in office and make reliable predictions as to where their future votes will fall. 

When a man such as myself, who has never held a public office, runs for an elected position there is little public record from which to form an opinion. But when the incumbent has proven to be dishonest and has not held to the values he claims to have, I believe this is a risk worth taking!

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