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Valentine and Freedom

Legend has it, that as a priest St. Valentine secretly performed marriage ceremonies for Christian couples. Rome believed that a single soldier was more willing to give his life because he didn't have the responsibilities of a wife.  That misguided and limited thinking in the church may have been true in some small way, but in theory, the principle was 100% incorrect.

Think of it from a principled approach.  Are good-willed people, and practical people willing to give up something of value for another greater value?  Of course.  Are they willing to give up much for something less?  Unlikely.  So what makes a good soldier?  For that matter, what makes a good citizen or a good family member?  It is someone who understands the value of what they have; and the fact that they are willing to put things of high value at risk for things of immeasurable value.

Are you willing to risk  things of high value; such as land, money, or even relationships –  for things of immeasurable value – such as Freedom, Integrity, and Truth?  Our founders and the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were willing.  They already had Freedom, Integrity and Truth for generations here in America. They lived these principles. They were not looking for them or declaring that this moment in 1776 was the beginning.  No, they were stating that they were willing to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor; they were willing to risk these things of value to keep things of greater value. 

I have the daily pleasure to meet voters and businessmen and leaders in the 100th district. To discuss things of principle and high value.  It is interesting to see the struggle we all face, as we consider the risk to something we have, in order to keep something of greater value.  I respect people who have loyalty toward relationships and to the past.  But, I still challenge them to consider risking this value.  I agree with the Legend of St Valentine; I think the best soldier is the one who knows the value of the things at home and is willing to lay down his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor for others.

So this Valentine’s Day, would you join me and others telling our loved ones how valuable they are?  Let's ask them to consider the things of even greater value than our own fortunes, lives, and sacred honor. Things such as FREEDOM, INTEGRITY and TRUTH. 

My campaign, here in the 100th, is just a small part of this pledge that we need to make again. Perhaps each of you could find ways to help restore our Republican party, our Commonwealth, and our Country.  Restore them to a principled place where we stand for the highest ideals. 

Giving to others,


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